Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Extreme Games - Go Kart & Paintball

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. This is an overdue post. It took place somewhere around early July.
Sorry my bad.

For those who did not know about the existence of this place, well good for you because here I am blogging about it and creating awareness just so you know.

This is called MIMC which stands for Melaka International Motors Circuit whereby it is located just after the Ayer Keroh Toll exit.

It was my first time trying out the game. Although the price can be pretty expensive, but nevertheless YOLO!!!

The price for an adult is RM40 for 10 minutes ride and RM70 for 20 minutes ride.
We took the 20 minutes ride of course. Pocket berlubang terus. But it was really worth the money!
I enjoy myself very much.

 The circuit which is about 1.6km in length.

 Refueling the gas.

Go-Kart kaki(s) 

He's having a hard time in getting out of the kart. 

 Buckle up!

 Ready, Set, Go!

I was holding my camera while racing with the others. A very bad bad thing to do. I almost broke the camera especially at the drifting part. Oh and there's also a lot of tiny pebbles that will hit you along the ride. Although there's a helmet to protect your eyes, but do take extra precautions coz it might still get into your eyes. It is known as an extreme game for a reason. Another tip is that, for those long hair girls, please tie them.

All in all, it was fun and a new experience for me.
We were racing with one another and almost crashed with one another as well.
Now I know how those F1 racers feel while they were on the racing track. Except that they drove 100 times faster.

Charanjit the Double B - Big Boss!

The following day.........

Yet another extreme game.

 The battle was between Borneo and Peninsular.

Couples at battlefield - Borneo VS Peninsular

The awesome battlefield.

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