Sunday, September 29, 2013

#001 My Holidays

I've been procrastinating for more than 3 months now. One word to describe my feelings - FUKINGAWESOMETOTHEMAX!

I'm glad that I took a very super long break. Travelling, eating, sleeping, slacking and enjoying my life to the fullest. I've been very lazy to update regularly in this little blog of mine too. Been busy watching Running Man series. Yes I know I'm quite outdated. 

Here's a little summary of everything.

 Pictures taken about 2 to 3 months back in Wong Kok.

Yummy desserts from Justberry :) 

 Pork Ball with the girls.

 The popular kerang tepi longkang.

 No doubt that the place was totally out but nevertheless the food is delicious. Although the smell of the drain can cause your nose to have stage 1 cancer. lol

 Bought a birthday cake for KC to celebrate his birthday.

 Us loitering around ToysRus. Weee~ I love this place so much. 
You can call me a kid. I don't care!

 The Birthday boy!
 A long call gift from Ms Jesslyn. Another hippo collection. Thanks babe.

 Api-Api Buffet

With my crazy ex colleague Cik Maryam. 

Despicable Me ;)

I even went up KL a couple of times.
Back in August, I stayed there for a week at my cousin's place.
We had lots of crazy fun there.


We shop, we eat, we play, we swim, we run, we swing, we tease all day long.

 Love my hairband.


 One of the best noodle ever! Do stop by if you're somewhere around Kuchai Lama area. 

 lalalalala~ sing a happy song.

 Snowflakes on our second day :D

 Miss those moments with you girls TT___TT

 Swing as high as you can.

 Snowflakes again on the following day.

 Some random snacks that we had in between those lovely holidays. I miss eating Big Roll.

 Got myself a Papa Smurfs.

Besides that I was entrusted to drive around in the middle of Kuala Lumpur with my cousin's car.
HolyMoly! First time ever driving in that crazy city which is full with crazy drivers.
Almost got killed several times. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

 Starting to love Krispy Kreme. Love the vanilla flavor *melts*

 Nich Khun *loves loves loves*

 Us :)

And our crazy expensive dinner at a normal hawker center. KL lifestyle is crazy!


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