Friday, July 27, 2018

Japan - Osaka (Dotonbori / Glico / Pablo)


We spent our last day focusing in Dotonbori street in Osaka.
It was a free and easy kinda day.
So we had the entire day to do whatever last minute shopping before heading back to reality.

First we decided to have a stroll in Kuromon Market.

Place where we bought our japanese snacks.

Spotted this adorable gachapon and it's only 100 yen per spin! That's like RM4 only. So why not?
Plus it's a good way to dispose off your unwanted extra coins.

It's a cute character soft toys ball.

Had this sea urchin. Price range from 2500-3000 yen each depending on the size.
Unfortunately I don't really like the taste of it.

Our snacks shopping haul.Madness!

Purchasing our own food ticket.

Ramen for 880 Yen.

We thought that every ramen in Japan would be as good as Ichiran's standard.
Too bad we were wrong about it.
The one we had (in the picture above) was totally a big disappointment.
Sushi King's ramen taste better than that.

I can't recall what's the name of the restaurant.
One of the reason why we choose that place because it has lesser people and we were starving that time. Now I know why they have lesser customers compared to other restaurants.

The rice and dumplings come together with the ramen set.

Not satisfied with my lunch and still not feeling full, that's when I came across to Pablo!
One of the most famous franchise in Japan for their melt in your mouth cheese tart.

Of course, the melt in your mouth cheese tart is freaking expensive and not as big as it seems to be from the menu's photo.

Original flavour for the price of 780 Yen.

Takoyaki cheese tart at 1200 Yen.

Around RM80 for two cheese tarts.
Everything is so expensive there.

Most of the time whenever I look at Ren Ai, she would be drinking this milk by Meiji brand.
So I wonder whether does it really taste that good? According to her its damn good. Two thumbs up.
And so I tried....

Jeng jeng jeng~
It taste just like any other ordinary milk.
Kena GAME!!!

This dumpling is quite good.

As for dinner time, we had bbq style where you barbecue your seafood and of course lots of sushi to feast on.

Makan sampai phobia sushi wei...


One with Glico man.

 Royce chocolate is a must buy item when you're at the airport.

Lunch set by MAS Airline.

Japan is by far one of my favorite country which I wouldn't mind visiting again and again and again.
Until we meet again next time Japan. Sayonara!

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