Saturday, November 7, 2015

Thailand - Bangkok (Chatuchak Market & Chocolate Ville)

8/8/2015 - Thailand - Bangkok - Day 5

This day was allocated mainly for shopping at the biggest market in Bangkok, known as Chatuchak market or also called as Jatujak Weekend Market. 

This market is available only on the weekends which is of course on Saturday and Sunday. Make sure to plan your travelling schedule properly if you want to visit this place.

Trust me, the place is very huge! You can find almost everything there. Clothes, accessories, food, antiques, home furniture, paintings, so on and so forth. 

The Market started operation from 9am to 6pm. Make sure to be there at 9am if you plan to shop the entire day. 

A booked a 6 seat van a day before. The driver only charged us 100 baht from Asia Bangkok Hotel to Chatuchak with one condition, which is to stop at a Honey Factory.

Since it's 100 baht for our cab fare, why not? We spent less than 10 minutes there and off we headed to our real destination.

Welcome to the popular weekend market.

The crowd was okay in the morning but started to build up in the afternoon. 

Divided into sections according to the colors above.


I think Mark and I wasted more time sitting rather than shopping.

Chilling at one of the coffee shop in the Market.

Just You & I in our little fantasy world.

Me looking restless.

We took a tuk-tuk for 200 baht (400 baht for two tuk-tuk) to get back to our hotel at about 4pm and the traffic was very bad. According to the Thai's 4.30pm is the peak hour because everyone get off from work.

Wahhh so best wor... 4.30pm habis kerja sudah.

After relaxing for a bit in the hotel, we headed to Chocolate Ville as our closing destination ceremony.
It is quite far from town. Roughly around an hour drive and depending on the traffic as well.

So we got a cab from our hotel area and the person charged us 1400 baht for two ways. The initial price was supposed to be 1200 baht for two ways. Unfortunately he claimed for 1500 baht once he dropped us at the hotel. His reasoning was that we made him waited -_______-
What the fuck? Are you retarded or what? Obviously you have to wait for us there la since it is a two way ride. You expect to just bring us there and have a 5 minutes look of the place and then return back to our hotel?

I can't recall his name. If only I have his name card, I will publish it in this blog and name him as a con bloody man!

So beware of all these bastards when you are in Bangkok. Sickening blood suckers.

Welcome to Chocolate Ville.

The beautiful view.

This place is actually a restaurant.
A perfect place for you to have your lunch or dinner, accompanied with beautiful surroundings.
Suitable for worthy selfies as well. That is why I am giving a two thumbs up for this place.

One last meal to end our short getaway.

Our couple shirt.
Nak juga pakai couple shirt. #gediks

Panaroma view.

It would be nicer if this shot could be taken during sun set.

Sayonara Chocolate Ville.

This Taxi fare guide board was shown at the main entrance of Chocolate Ville.

As you can see, the fare from Chocolate Ville back to Pratunam area is only around 350 baht.
And we were charged for 700 baht each way. Double the price!
Cilaka punya driver.

Sorry for the emotional outbreak.

So that's the end of my Bangkok post.
And here's our shopping haul.


This drink is so cheap in Bangkok.

Cute or not my socks? Ok that's all. Bye


Surrshynely said...

Hi, can i know what you mean they charged you 700 bath for each way?
From choco ville to pratunam by the board sign taxi is really only 350thb? did they charged much later when you arrive?

Ruby Ong said...

Hello Surrshynely,

We took a van from Bangkok and the driver charged us 700baht. But once we arrived Chocolate Village, the sign shows that the estimated price is only about 350thb.

Technically, we were slaughtered by the driver for being overcharged.

Ruby Ong said...

PS we used the same driver for two ways.

Bangkok to Chocolate Ville - 700 baht
Chocolate Ville back to Bangkok - 700 baht

Unknown said...

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