Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pre Grand Royale

Tick tock tick tock...
Tomorrow will be the one and only day.
The day where all of us had suffered and struggled and also some minor conflicts occur just for the sake of the success of this one and only event this year - Grand Royale

As you all know, I'm not the kind of person who is into all this co-curricular activities. I've been carrying a very passive role since the first day I enrolled into MMU. One of the reason is that I lived pretty far from campus, so it's not that convenient for me to travel back and forth just for a single meeting which only takes let say about 30minutes to an hour?

Another reason is that I'm just plain lazy bum :D

However I'm happy that I participated in the law night event. Of course there's problems, dissatisfactions and many other issues in between. But somehow we managed to reach this far and that proves something :)
I'm glad that we are done with all the hectic jobs. But at the same time I'm gonna miss it. No more busy life selling breads, forcing seducing people to buy the breads I sold for the fundraising project. The stress of being unable to sell 100 breads a day seriously gets on my nerves. There was once where I bought 100 breads and expecting to sell all of it in a day seems to be impossible, and ended up I have to buy 20 of those breads for myself O__O
My dad called me 'Bos Roti'
I emo.

Overall I had a great fun la. Especially the part where I get to know many crazy juniors especially Kaes. hahahahahahahha she's the one and only junior who gave a big impact on me. If you ask me to name one junior, for sure I'll come up with her name first.

This girl is amazing. She has super loud voice. She doesn't need a microphone and I bet her voice is way louder than those who used a microphone. Another thing is that, all the International Students love her. See she damn popular lor T___T
I jealous can!


Yesterday was a rather peaceful day.
Reached campus pretty early despite the fact that I only have class at 5pm.
Followed Mark to town to get his suit AGAIN.
Then we rushed back to campus and we was like 10 minutes late for class.

My strawberry snow ice. This snow ice are selling off like hot cakes. The vendor is super lucky for selling this in MMU. Despite the price of RM 4.90 each, but still many people bought it. Hmmm no doubt it's nice. The texture is very smooth and it melts in the mouth like heaven. Ahhh~~
Okay I'm exaggerating la the heaven part that one.

The MULS Newsletter. WOW look at that! It's Grand Royale *woooohooooo*
And it is on when? Shout it out loud with me fellow friends.


Can you feel it?

Oh God! I hope that my hairdo will be great, the make up will be just nice, not like the chinese opera make up and also I hope that I'll look good in my dress T______________________T
Or else I'm going to emo that whole night T_________________T

I still remembered my last law night which was last year. I kept complaining about my fringe.
I pitied Mark and Amirul who have to endure their ears and kept comforting me BUT FAILED.
hahahahahahaha. When I think of it back I wanna laugh. LOL

Oklah I admit I look pretty cute in this picture. SHAIZ!

But no more fringe-less this time. I rather shave bald than going without a fringe. Abit dramatic la me :)
Anak nyonya ma.
hahaha wtf irrelevant to the max.

By the way I think I've grew fatter O_O especially on my thighs *sigh*
Sad can die.

*a change of mood*

Yesterday we went for sushi :D

Mark's Meal

 Kin Ming's Meal

David's Meal

Nicole's Bento

My Salomon fish set yum yum~

After dinner, we rushed back to campus because there's a rehearsal for my V.I.P ushering on friday night.

Tadddaaa.... That is Kaes doing manicure for Kai Choy. hahahahahaha. Yes that's the girl I'm talking about just now. Ain't she adorable. Makes me wanna pinch her face T_____T

Damn pro sial. One whole bloody set of nail polish and etc.
Can open one manicure parlour liao lor Kaes :)

That's it folks. I have to prepare now. Gotta go meet up my sexy babes for some rehearsal and lepaking session. woohooo..

I'm staying over Lynette's place tonight :)
First time ever. hah

Till then. toodles *hearts*

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