Thursday, November 11, 2010

Afraid not

It's almost 8pm now and it's the time for the 2010 Mooting's competiton :D
I can feel the participants heart pounding madly all the way from MMU.

Okay, today I am laughing at them but sooner or later it's my turn to laugh at myself T______________T
Well Good Luck all. It's just a mooting. You won't get any greds or cgpa for it. Don't worry if u screw it, in fact just screw it! hahaha okay joking :P

No matter what, do your best all right. Now it's my turn to start preparing for my own written submission.
I had a very bad feeling about this. What if the judge questioned me even before I started introducing myself? Seriously it will be a totally fucked up life lor. I predicted that my submission will be only 1 pages long and it will only take me about 1 or 2 minutes to eventually finish reading it all. I can feel that the remaining 28 minutes is gonna be a living hell where I will kena tembak non stop from machine gun and lastly the closing ceremony which will be a bazooka. Suffer slow and steadily.

Some pictures from my previous outing :)

By the way, when I was about to leave home to campus, it started to rain heavily :(
and this is the weather which I have been looking for TO SLEEP lor!!! Damn it!

Throughout the whole lecture and tutorial classes today, I felt super sleepy and I can't really concentrate in class. Blame the weather T_________________________T

By the way, for the upcoming funding project, I'm going to sell facial mask starting from tomorrow onwards.
RM3 per piece and RM10 for 4 pieces. Please buy okay? The surroundings are very smokey and dirty. You need to protect your skin by using a facial mask. Your face needs more love and care from you.

Do not abandon your face because everyone is pretty just that you make yourself ugly by not taking good care of it. So conclusion is please buy 4 pieces. Use it at least once a week or twice a week. So 4 pieces of mask is sufficient enough to maintain your face for a month.

RM10 a month is cheap okay. Please don't be so stingy! heheehehehe.
Guys out there, make sure you buy as well because girls personally hate guys with rough face.
For me I love guys with smooth face *ehem*
That is why I molested 'somebody's' face everyday without failed. Oh wait, I failed to molest that face today :(

I'll stop here for now. Am going to do my written submission for my Mooting. Pray for me so that I won't get screwed badly. Amitabha.

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