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Places to eat in Tawau Sabah [Part 2]

Today I'll be introducing you another 10 more places to eat in Tawau.

For those who missed my previous post, click the link below for Part 1.

1) Big Apple Donuts & Coffee

Jalan Haji Karim,
91000 Tawau

Everyone should know the existence of this Big Apple Donuts right. Therefore there's no need for me to explain much. Oh and yes, Tawau do have Big Apple okay. Nevertheless I still prefer Krispy Kreme doughnuts thou.

2) CC Cafe

Calvary Crown (G Floor), TB14846 Taman Setia ML3,
 Jalan Chong Thien Vun, 91000 Tawau

This cafe is quite unique because it is owned by the Calvary Church organisation if I am not mistaken. Correct me if I am wrong.

They have a huge private hall in the cafe itself that caters for birthday parties and also for family gatherings. The food is very delicious too!

They serve western, local and some chinese and even peranakan food such as pongteh chicken. Not to forget they even have Thailand cuisine like tomyam dishes.

This place is a PORKFREE zone (not FREEPORK ya), so I assume it should be halal. The place is very clean and the environment is nice too.

3) G9 Sushi House

TB 16026 Block B Unijaya Commercial Centre, 
KM 5 Jalan Sg. Tajong, 91000 Tawau

This is a newly open sushi restaurant in Tawau!
Don't worry, no pork based sushi/dishes.

The price wise is slightly more expensive than Sushi King but of course the taste is way better compared to Sushi King la kan. 

In this post I'll be introducing quite a few Japanese restaurants in Tawau. So please continue scrolling down for other recommendations.

4) London Frozen Yogurt

There's 3 branches in Tawau for this yogurt thingy.
One is in Fajar area (town area), the other one is inside Giant Hypermarket while the third one is located at Jalan Chong Thien Vun.

You'll get a free unlimited topping which is only applicable every Wednesday.

They also have this soft serve in watermelon which inspired from Dominique Ansel Bakery which is available in Japan and London. With London Frozen Yogurt, there is no need for you to fly few thousand miles away just to try them out. All you need to do is take your car keys and drive to Giant branch London Frozen Yogurt. Kalau tak silap macam branch tu saja yang offer this special watermelon soft serve. Apa tunggu lagi? Va-va-vroommmm~

5) Mr Sushi

1703, Jalan Sin Onn, Taman Shamrock,
91000 Tawau

This Mr. Sushi's concept is exactly like those traditional sushi house in Japan.
The place itself is so damn small and limited.

I think they only have about 6 to 7 tables max (two floors). The salmons served were fresh and delicious.

Out of all the Japanese restaurants that I am about to introduce in this post, this Mr Sushi would be the most expensive one.

The price for the entire meal (as shown in photo above) inclusive of two bowls of miso soup and two cups of green tea cost RM100. Although the price is quite pricey but it is worth it. 

6) Nasi Lemak Guru Besar

Jalan Dominic, Bandar Tawau,
91000 Tawau

If you're looking for nasi lemak with a hawaiian kinda of environment, you should stop by at Guru Besar's place.

The way they decorated the place is actually quite cute to me. It gives you that 'wow' kinda feeling you know? Plus, they played instrumental music which makes you feel like as if you're on a holiday by the beach yo!

Besides having nasi lemak, they have mee soup and cendol as well.

7) Sakura Zen

Jalan Kubota Square,
91000 Tawau

This set cost RM45 

My favorite Japanese restaurant in Tawau would be Sakura Zen.
The prices are not that cheap also la, but not as expensive compared to Mr Sushi.

8) Secret Recipe

TB 1756, Jalan Masjid,
Bandar Tawau, 91000 Tawau

Well, who doesn't know Secret Recipe la kan.
I'm going to skip introduction on this one.
Next please.

9) Sri Titingan Seafood Restaurant

There are two branches for Sri Titingan. One is located at Fajar (town area) which is the small one and the main branch is located at Jalan Apas Tawau Lama. The main branch is so damn huge I tell you! They can easily cater more than 30 tables once.

The price is not as cheap as you think would be but it is considered quite reasonable for a state that is well known for seafood.

Anyhow, it is way cheaper compared to Peninsular Malaysia for all I know.

10) Sushi King

Bangunan Kawasan 1 Arena Tawau,
91000 Tawau

The one and only Sushi King outlet in Tawau.


Stay tune for more places to eat in Tawau in my next episode [Part 3].
Until then. Jom Makan~


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